Commercial Photography: Innovative Work Spaces

In a millennial driven industry, workplace environment has become a huge determining factor for potential employees. Builders, Architects and designers are tasked with creating innovative work spaces to attract a new generation of workers. These days, employees tend to spend more time at the office than at their own homes. The offered amenities and comforts of the office can be a huge draw for new employees. Capturing these unique spaces through commercial photography can be very important when advertising the type of work environment a company has to offer.

I recently had the opportunity to work with MCL Construction to shoot commercial photography for the new Buildertrend offices in Omaha, NE. This innovative new office space embraces the millennial mindset by offering open work spaces, diversive amenities and a true community feeling.

Lobby | Buildertrend - Architectural Commercial Photography

From the minute you walk in, the feeling of a typical office environment vanishes. The space is open, inviting and offers visitors an instant insight into the inner workings of the company. As a photographer, it is crucial to show the flow of the space so people can really see how open and accessible it is.  

Hallway | Buildertrend - Architectural Commercial Photography Lounge | Buildertrend - Architectural Commercial Photography

Adding bits of color here and there can really add stimulation to a space. In these modern work times, employees often find themselves working in non- typical places such as a couch or lounger. Adding these small design features can really add comfort and provide a more relaxed work environment.

Conference Room | Buildertrend - Architectural Commercial Photography

Many companies are moving towards creating more inspiring meeting spaces. These modern designs and floor to ceiling windows really add to the character of the space. When shooting, it is important to capture the light just right to really bring out the vibrant colors and openness of the work environment.

Meeting Space | Buildertrend - Architectural Commercial Photography Meeting Room | Buildertrend - Architectural Commercial Photography

Let’s face it, most people dread meetings. You’re stuck in a room for who knows how long, sometimes with no views to the outside world. Luckily, typical meetings may be a thing of the past. These new creative meeting areas, are less formal, more interactive and can often provide a more comfortable space for employees to get together.

Office Space | Buildertrend - Architectural Commercial Photography

Another thing of the past, the dreaded cubicle land. Employers are finally realizing that there really is no benefit to sticking an employee in a tiny cubicle all day long. Replaced with open work areas and shared spaces, these new layouts have been shown to increase productivity, encourage social interactions, keep people motivated and accountable for their work.

Bar Area | Buildertrend - Architectural Commercial Photography

Another big trend with new office buildings, is added amenities for the employees. The thought being, people will tend to stay longer and work harder.  Employers want their people to wake up in the morning and actually want to go to work.

Community Room | Buildertrend - Architectural Commercial Photography

From a quick friendly game of putt-putt, to a place to have a beer and watch a game, these extra features can be a huge game changer for increasing morale and loyalty among employees.

Indoor Golf | Buildertrend - Architectural Commercial Photography

These new innovative work spaces are truly a pleasure to shoot. It is incredible to see the new way commercial work spaces are being designed to meet the needs of the millennial workforce. As a photographer, it is important when shooting commercial photography, to make the space feel accessible. While you may take time to stage the space, you don’t want it to appear that way in the image. It should feel as though you are just walking in for another day at the office.

As a photographer it is important that my images truly reflect the story each builder, architect, designer or owner is trying to tell. If you are considering commercial photography for a project, please contact us at Architectural Photography, Inc.: 888-688-5510 or visit


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