Distinctive Hotel Photography Showcases Every Hotel

The point of all hotel photography, whether it is a large luxury property or a modest chain found along an interstate, is to identify the strengths or what might draw someone there and highlight them. This was my task when I recently shot the new Springhill Suites by Marriott in Gallup, New Mexico. There is a higher expectation even with transitory stay properties these days. Hotel owners are constructing living spaces with contemporary lines and accents that MUST be highlighted and emphasized.

Even moderately priced chain hotels are becoming more like well-designed, upscale homes with common areas that are functional and inviting. Guests are encouraged to use these areas as if they were an extension of their own rooms. By positioning the camera at a lower angle and placing it in a first-person perspective, the potential guest is made to feel like they are experiencing the space personally. Is it a hotel lobby or a living room that just happens to have a really cool reception desk? Either way, these spaces are a great place to relax and unwind.

hotel photography
My passion is lighting and I always scout a property throughout the day and night to see how light hits a space to take advantage of the impact it generates. With the bright blue sky outside, the shadows across the tables create a warm and appealing ambience. This is an inviting area to enjoy a snack or a drink. Most importantly, however, guests see these spaces as an extension of their rooms and when travel is a way of life, this can be the difference that gets hotels more customers.

Interior Hotel Photography
Shadows and lighting create depth and texture. They draw the eye, and the viewer, into the room and actually instill what feels like an almost tactile impression. Studies show that photos are a top consideration for hotel bookings. Done correctly, they can give the guest a quick view into the condition and feel of a property. The contemporary design of the hotel as illustrated by this shot, make this an especially inviting image.

Hotel Interior Photography
Even a conference room becomes intriguing when the lighting highlights the lines of the table, directing your eye to the contrast of the darkening sky outside and the fireside loggia just steps away.

Hospitality Photography
Variations in lighting can make an enormous difference in creating mood. Photographing throughout the day can not only give potential guests an idea of what the hotel will look and feel like at different times, but also afford the hotel owner a range of images that can be used for all sorts of marketing placements and applications. Signature exterior shots are a powerful example of this concept. The bright daytime shot forwards a feeling that the hotel is shiny, new, bright and clean.The dusk shot portrays a warm and welcoming place to retreat to after a long day of traveling.

Exterior Hotel PhotographyWindows, regardless of what is visible outside them, are key to how a guest feels about a room. Similar to the exterior shots, providing both of these images can portray a bright and sunny start to a guest’s day or cozy respite after a long, arduous travel. These can be VERY powerful tools in marketing.Interior Hotel Photography
Again, my job is to make every property look unique while highlighting its best features and amenities. Here is a shot of a fireside loggia. Who doesn’t want to sit there to relax at the end of the day?

Exterior Photography
This is certainly one of the favorites from this hotel. It doesn’t matter that this patio is off the parking lot. Would the viewer even have noticed? Professionally placed lighting keeps the viewers eyes EXACTLY where they are needed. It was well worth getting up extra early to capture this shot. Breakfast with a picturesque New Mexico sunrise? Made to order on both.

Exterior Hospitality Photography
The level of quality and creativity in the design of this hotel was impressive to say the least. The Springhill Suites in Gallup, New Mexico is a perfect example that thoughtful composition and lighting choices can create a variety of distinctive images that showcase the property’s best features. If you are considering upgrading your hotel portfolio, please contact us at Architectural Photography, Inc.: 888-688-5510 or visit ArchitecturalPhotographyInc.com.

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