New Hotel Photography: Showcasing Extended Stay Properties

Travel, whether it be for work or pleasure, should be enjoyable and relaxing. Finding a hotel with the best comforts and amenities to make one feel as if they are in their own home can be a daunting task. Photographing these spaces and truly highlighting the functional and inviting living areas can also be a great challenge. This was my task when I recently shot photography for the new Residence Inn and SpringHill Suites by Marriott in Fishkill, New York for True North Hotel Group.

Hotel Photography, Exterior, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

These extended stay properties have been designed and styled to help guests feel completely at home while also providing large open spaces to relax and enjoy others’ company. Guests are encouraged to use these areas as if they were an extension of their own rooms. Choosing the correct angle and placement of the camera can highlight all the different conveniences of a room and allow the potential guest to feel as though they are experiencing the space personally. On a snowy winter’s night a fireplace and a cozy nook to sit in and relax with a good book can be the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

Hotel Photography, Sitting Room, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

How a space feels can significantly vary from day to night. As a photographer, it is important to highlight how the same space can have a completely different feel throughout the day. Lighting is one of my greatest passions and I always scout a property throughout the day and night to see how light hits a space to take advantage of the impact it generates.

With the bright sun shining through the windows, the shadows across the chairs and tables create a warm and appealing ambience that allow potential guests to see these spaces as an extension of their rooms. Whether they are staying a day, a week or especially a month these extra amenities and open common areas can be the key factor for potential customers when deciding where to stay.

Hotel Photography, Sitting Area, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

Hotel Photography, Game Room, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

Dining areas can also make or break a hotel stay. Whether a guest prefers to dine in their own room or in the common dining areas, it is important to showcase the welcoming nature and extensive amenities these hotels have to offer.

Hotel Photography, Dinning Room, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

Guests can unwind with a cocktail in the gorgeous bar area or sit down for a meal in the formal dining space. While designed as separate rooms, the open floor plan and cohesive nature of the space creates a welcoming ambiance. When shooting these free flowing areas it is important to get the lighting just right to showcase the atmosphere of each room or space.

The most important part of shooting photography for these hotels is displaying the luxuries and comforts that can be found in each guest’s room.

Hotel Photography, Bedroom, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

Hotel Photography, Bedroom Sitting Room, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

Large open spaces and natural lighting can greatly effect the guests perception of the room and contribute to a warm and inviting look and feel. These natural light images can also be powerful marketing tools for hotel owners as they provide potential guests that feeling of being at home even while traveling. I take pride in showing the space as it would appear to a guest by minimizing my lighting input while photographing daylight images.

Hotel Photography, Bedroom, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

Having the option to cook a homemade meal can be a considerable bonus for any traveler. While these amenities may not be the most fascinating to photograph, they can be some of the most important to capture when it comes to the hotel’s marketing strategy. Whether you are a business professional who travels constantly and needs a break from eating out or a family on a vacation with a budget, having a full kitchen can be a deciding factor when selecting a hotel.

Hotel Photography, Guest Room Bathroom, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

Hotel Photography, Guest Room Kitchen, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

As the fitness craze continues to spread, it is important to highlight the activity spaces in these new hotels. Owners are taking more care to ensure the fitness and pool areas have top of the line equipment while also being family friendly.

Hotel Photography, Fitness Center, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

A clean, open workout space can provide the perfect environment to work off a stressful day.
For those travelling with kids, the placement of the pool can allow parents to get in that daily workout while watching the kids expel their energy in the pool. Shooting photography for these spaces at the correct angles and showcasing the different equipment can only add to the benefits of these spacious hotels.

Hotel Photography, Pool, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

At the end of the day, it all comes down to where a guest would want to sit down, relax and put their feet up. Whether that be a nice quiet space or a relaxing bar environment the Residence Inn and SpringHill Suites by Marriott has it all. These are a couple of my favorite photographs from these hotels.

Hotel Photography, Common Room, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

Not only is this space alluring, but the decor is modern and exciting. From the corner cubbies, designed for privacy, to the lavish couches which invite a group atmosphere, this tranquil space is the perfect place to unwind after a long day. Showcasing these types of spaces through photography can be quite challenging. Without any natural light shining though, it is imperative to stage the space with the best light to bring out each aspect of the room.

Hotel Photography, Cocktail Lounge, Residence Inn, Fishkill Nw York

For guests who prefer a bit of a faster paced environment, this relaxing bar area can provide an abundance of entertainment while allowing guests to decompress at the end of the day. Lighting is very important in these spaces as well, especially when shooting at dusk. Seeing how the light flows through the space and knowing where to position the camera for the best angle is an important skill in capturing the essence of a room.

Hotel Photography, Lounge, Residence Inn, Fishkill New York

The level of creativity and detail in the design of these hotels is truly impressive, to say the least. Residence Inn and SpringHill Suites by Marriott in Fishkill, New York are perfect examples of how a hotel can be modern and exciting yet still feel like home. Aided by the designer’s creativity I was lucky enough to create a variety of distinctive images that showcase the property’s best features. If you are considering upgrading your hotel portfolio, please contact us at Architectural Photography, Inc.: 888-688-5510 or visit