Residential Photography: Luxury Living

These days, when searching for the perfect apartment, renters are not only looking at the living space, but the amenities the complex has to offer. With so many new residential properties being built, owners are relying on the architects and designers to really make the property stand out to potential residents. Many designers are striving to inject luxury living into communities while maintain a certain level of affordability. Providing residential photography for these new unique properties can be invaluable in attracting potential residents.

I recently had the pleasure of shooting residential photography for the Whiting Turner Contracting Company of the newly completed Elysian at Stone Lake Apartment Complex in Henderson, Nevada. This property was offered unique challenges and was a pleasure to shoot. The detail put into every aspect of the design makes it stand out as true luxury living.

Elysian at Stone Lake | Patio - Architectural Residential Photography

First impressions are everything when looking for a new home. The exteriors and landscape design of this property really draw you in from the beginning. The extra detail put into even the outdoor furniture provides some truly fun and interesting composition opportunities that really showcase the properties lavish features.

Elysian at Stone Lake | Lobby - Architectural Residential Photography

From the moment you walk into the Elysian, you feel as though you are in a luxury hotel. The open welcoming layout of the common areas is exquisite to say the least.

Elysian at Stone Lake | Common Area - Architectural Residential Photography Elysian at Stone Lake | Lounge - Architectural Residential Photography

The small details with gratuitous use added color and design really tie the whole area together. Even the pool table and arcade games are color coordinated. The gorgeous lighting and high ceilings create a very open feel and provide some excellent angles to shoot that really illustrate the grand features of this property.

Elysian at Stone Lake | Pool Lounge - Architectural Residential Photography

While some residential photography focuses mainly on the indoor living space, it is the outdoor areas that can really be a deciding factor for potential residents.

Elysian at Stone Lake | Hammocks - Architectural Residential Photography

Shooting from multiple perspectives is key in representing all the different amenities a property has to offer. From the multiple pools to the hammocks and cabanas, this complex truly makes you feel like you are at a Las Vegas resort instead of your own apartment.

Elysian at Stone Lake | Bedroom - Architectural Residential Photography

As if the common areas and amenities were not enough, the apartments themselves are truly extravagant. From a photography perspective, the staging is key. It is essential that potential renters envision themselves in the photos or already living in the home.

Elysian at Stone Lake | Dinning Room - Architectural Residential Photography

Finding the perfect angles to shoot from is imperative in showcasing the best features of a space. From the right perspective, a room can feel much more open and inviting. This is key when shooting residential photography, as potential renters may be unable to visit the property and will rely on the photos to make a decision.

Elysian at Stone Lake | Patio Walkway - Architectural Residential Photography

The level of creativity and detail in the design of this extravagant apartment complex is truly amazing. This unique property is a great example of how residential photography can be used to draw in potential residents and make them feel as though they are enjoying a luxurious resort while actually being in their own home. I was lucky enough to create a variety of distinctive images that showcase the property’s best features. If you are considering residential photography, please contact us at Architectural Photography, Inc.: 888-688-5510 or visit