Residential Photography: Vacation Rentals

Over the last few years hoteliers have been scrambling to keep up with ever changing travel trends. Meanwhile, sites such as Airbnb and VRBO have cornered the market on selling travelers on vacation rentals instead of typical hotels. Whether it is a 1 bedroom, 400 sq foot apartment in the middle of Paris or a 10,000 square foot mansion on the cliffs in Malibu, tourists now have every option imaginable when booking their next vacation. Providing residential photography for these unique homes can be critical in ensuring a property will rent out well.

I have had the opportunity to shoot residential photography for a few different vacation rentals for Molly’s Rentals and, as always, the challenge lies in highlighting the property’s best features. One of the most unique listings I have shot is a multi use mansion in beautiful Solana Beach, CA. This stunning property boasts a sprawling 3,000 square foot main house, an attached apartment and a detached cottage.

Solana Beach Exterior | Architectural Residential Photography

With travel trends constantly changing, it is not only on the vacation sites to keep up with new trends but the property owners as well. Spending the time and effort to design and stage these vacation homes can make all the difference for potential rentals. This particular home is exquisitely designed and grabs your eye from the moment you walk up.

Solana Beach Entryway | Architectural Residential Photography

When providing residential photography, it is imperative to find the perfect angles that tell the story of the home. You want potential renters to feel as though they are walking through the photograph right into the foyer.

Solana Beach Living Room | Architectural Residential Photography

Photographing the living areas and different amenities are also crucial to showcasing a property. Vacationers may be wavering between a rental or staying in a resort. Many of these high-end properties can feel just like a resort but with the added comfort of being in a home.

Solana Beach Kitchen | Architectural Residential Photography

Having the option to cook your own meal or go out on the town can be a huge selling point. Shooting from a wider angle can showcase the entire space in one photo giving the potential renter that feeling of walking right in.

Solana Beach Steam Room | Architectural Residential Photography

Solana Beach Balcony | Architectural Residential Photography

This particular property is unique in that it has multiple resort like amenities with the added space for a large family to vacation together. Adding these types of photographs to the portfolio of images can really sell that vacation vibe that people are looking for.

Solana Beach Cottage | Architectural Residential Photography

With the limited number of photos that can be listed on some rental sites, it is imperative to make sure each image is truly capturing the essence of the property.

Solana Beach Apartment Interior | Architectural Residential Photography

By selecting the perfect angle, this smaller attached apartment can be shown in one perfect shot. Waiting for the light to come through the windows brings a warmth into the space and really opens it up.

Solana Beach Bathroom | Architectural Residential Photography

On the complete opposite side, detailed shots such as this can truly allow some residential photography to stand out from others and really sell that homey feel of a rental.

Solana Beach Bedroom | Architectural Residential Photography

At the end of the day we are all just looking for comfort and a sense of relaxation when booking a vacation. The smallest thing can hook or deter a potential renter so it is imperative to provide the best images to truly highlight each and every space.

Solana Beach Pool Gazebo | Architectural Residential Photography

While some residential photography focuses mainly on the indoor living space, it is the outdoor areas that can really sell people on a rental. Adding some lights and waiting for the perfect time of day can truly highlight these amazing outdoor spaces.

The level of creativity and detail in the design of this gorgeous vacation rental is truly amazing. This unique home is a perfect example of how residential photography can be used to draw in potential renters and make them feel as though they are enjoying their relaxing vacation before they even arrive. I was lucky enough to create a variety of distinctive images that showcase the property’s best features. If you are considering hospitality photography, please contact us at Architectural Photography, Inc.: 888-688-5510 or visit