Updated Architectural Photography for Popular UNO Alumni Center

For more than 30 years, The Thompson Center at the University of Nebraska at Omaha has been a popular banquet facility and was recently voted Best Reception Venue in Omaha for the second year. When photographing an institution such as this, it’s my goal to translate the features of the rooms into an inviting image where viewers will envision themselves and their event.

The signature image at this venue is the UNO logo in the entryway. I took this shot from an off-center angle to balance the colors of the logo and floor while also directing the viewer toward the two doorways, creating a welcoming “come right in” image.

For any event center, it’s important to have some shots of the large spaces, and an empty room allows a viewer to imagine their specific decor. To make the empty banquet hall more appealing, I waited for the right time of day to allow some sunlight to streak across the floor, showing the abundance of natural light.

Commerical Photography UNO Alumni Center

A room set for a function is also important, and this shot with a straight angle from the farthest point in the room, shows the expanse of the space. Using a particular technique, I am able to showcase the room as warm and inviting even without any natural light.

Commerical Photography UNO Alumni Center

The Alumni Center also offers some quiet conversation areas, and for these shots I prefer a lower angle which helps the viewer feel as if they are in the frame themselves. The sunlight streaming in creates a warm and welcoming ambiance, where visitors can enjoy a break.

Architectural Photography UNO Alumni Center

This hallway captured my attention with its perfect balance of color and light. For this straight shot, I positioned myself at the darker part of the hallway, where the change in colors draws the eye toward the light at the end. This image truly demonstrates the open and modern feel of the inside of the conference center.

Commercial Photography UNO Alumni Center

Similarly, this straight shot with the reflection on the table is clean and modern. Any event planner can easily visualize the use of this room.

Conference Room UNO Alumni Center

Taking into account the traditional architecture of the rooms along with the more modern intentions of the interior designer, I can use natural lighting and professional techniques to showcase the space and modern decor. With more than 20 years of experience in architectural photography, I enjoy projects of all sizes and style. If you have a commercial property that is in need of updated architectural photography, I welcome the opportunity to discuss your project. Please contact me at brad@architecturalphotographyinc.com.