Alaskan Terrain: The Perfect Spot for Ecotourism

Glacier, - Alaska - Ice On a recent trip to Alaska, we were privileged to experience the natural beauty of Alaska and to photograph the towering glaciers so commonly seen in the state. The image above features the stunning Portage glacier framed by icy blue water.

Glacier - Ice - Alaska - Boats

Tourists visiting Alaska are exposed to natural sites that they may never have seen before, contributing to an ecotourism that supports efforts to conserve environmentally-threatened areas. The snow-covered mountains pictured above are a shocking show of beauty, captivating tourists as well as locals. 

Glacier - Ice - Alaska

By photographing the brilliant blue ice and snowy mountain peaks above, we hope to help others see the importance of protecting the world’s most stunning, yet declining natural wonders. 

Whittier - Prince William Sound - Boats - Snow - Alaska

In the image above, the fishing boat provides an effective focal point when surrounded by the grand background of mountains and a deep, foreboding fjord. Visitors to Alaska have the opportunity to travel via several modes of transportation that they may not encounter in their daily lives. 

Alaskan - Railroad - Trains

Another exciting mode of transportation for tourists in Alaska is train travel. Trains are an especially good choice for tourists because they are a much more eco-friendly choice than cars. We love this shot of an Alaskan train surrounded by lush green foliage. 

Alaskan - Railroad - Mountains - Snow

The train tracks also make for a beautiful sight of their own. This photo takes advantage of the captivating leading lines provided by the tracks to draw the eye toward the glassy reflection of the mountain. 

Alaskan - Bikes - Trail - Mountains - Snow

This image above showcases one of the best environmentally-friendly ways to see Alaska: bicycling. Tourists can ride through the crisp Alaskan air while viewing rich green mountains and getting in a bit of exercise. 

Lake - Mountains - Snow - Seward - Alaska

We think that the photo above perfectly portrays the jaw-dropping beauty of Alaska. Choosing the right angle to shoot from is essential when photographing nature. 

Iditarod - Seward - Alaska

Alaska is home to the world-famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. This image focuses on the sign that marks the beginning of the race without taking away from its impressive background.  

Seward - Boats - Alaska

Surrounded by mirror-like water and striking mountains, the Seward harbor above is a one-of-a-kind stop for boats. The unique angle and vibrant colors make this photo a showstopper. 

Alaskan -Nature - Preserve - Flowers

The vivid purple of the lavender contrasted with the bright green of the surrounding grasses makes this image intensely interesting. Moving past the lavender, the eye is drawn to a quaint red roof and then to the snowy mountains that make up the skyline. 

Alaskan - Buffalo - Nature - Preserve

These gentle giants above are the perfect animals to get “up close and personal” with during a trip to Alaska.

Alaskan - Brown Bear

Wildlife like a mother bear and her cub are not uncommon sights in the rugged Alaskan wilderness. Tourists may be inspired to take on a more environmentally-friendly world view after coming face-to-face with such beautiful creatures. 

Glacier - Aerial - Alaska

Alaska’s landscapes are incredibly varied, making the state the perfect place for adventurers. The photograph above perfectly displays the sheer size of the snowy Alaskan mountain ranges. 

Glacier - Ice - Snow

A truly unique shot, this photo highlights the iridescent blue glacial waters of Ruth Glacier. The distinctive angle was made possible by a ride in the fire-engine red prop plane below.

Alaskan - Plane - Glacier

Another unusual mode of transportation utilized by tourists and native Alaskans alike is air travel. Without flying, seeing these impressive mountains would be incredibly difficult and time consuming. 

Glacier - Aerial - Sunshine - Snow

The photo above looks just like a painting because of the naturally-striking Alaskan landscape. A rare cloudless view of Denali mountain taken from our landing site on Ruth Glacier. 

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