Athena Reschke

“Brad has been much more like a colleague and teammate than a vendor!”

I have worked with Brad Anderson of Architectural Photography, Inc. for nearly a decade.  From the beginning, he has been much more like a colleague and teammate than a vendor.

Not only is Brad very attentive to the needs of marketing our business, he is very resourceful when it comes to finding the right person, location or angle needed to take the ideal shot that tells the story. Brad even learned to shoot video footage at our request. This adds polished, high definition action and excitement to our training and promotional videos.

We have deployed him across the U.S. and into Canada shooting contractors installing many different products in buildings under construction. This often means shooting through the night while crews are busy at work on fast-paced projects. During this process, Brad has also learned about our products and how to demonstrate their proper use. Then, he returns to capture their completed beauty with his signature iconic images.

Brad uses a painstaking process in post-production to make sure that colors and lighting are perfect in every photo. The quality of Brad’s photography always attracts compliments and attention for our products which has helped us transform our online presence.

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