Commercial Photography for Contractors: A Balance Between Function and Aesthetics

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Recently, we had the opportunity to work with MCL Construction to photograph a new facility, Creighton University School of Dentistry. MCL Construction works on a variety of projects throughout the Midwest and places great value in producing excellent work for its clients. Commercial photography like the work we did at Creighton University School of Dentistry can be challenging and is, fundamentally, an art all its own. Our goal in shooting for Creighton’s new School of Dentistry was to highlight MCL’s superb craftsmanship through engaging visuals, which is a key component of commercial photography.

Throughout the shoot, we made sure to photograph the small details of the building as well as its overarching thematic elegance and air of professionalism. In the shots below, we captured the building’s refined glass front as well as its logo. The exterior shot at sunset provides a comprehensive view of the building’s features and amenities. By capturing the image at dusk, we were able to enhance the photograph by utilizing the building’s strategic lighting fixtures, producing an overall aesthetically pleasing image that places MCL’s high-quality construction at the forefront of the viewer’s mind.

The close-up shot of The Creighton School of Dentistry’s logo provides a detailed look at MCL’s commanding workmanship in their field. The corner angle draw’s in the viewer’s eye and provides an intriguing focal point.

Our photographs of the interior of the building are made striking by the twilight lighting, paralleling the beauty of the exterior images and accentuating the grand scale of the interior. MCL’s intricately structured windows are augmented by the soft blue light that serves as the photo’s background. The room’s integrity is manifested by the dramatic photographic angle.

As Creighton School of Dentistry is an educational facility, we were sure to shoot the technological aspects of the building in a way that exhibits MCL’s construction in an intriguing way. The clean, yet optically interesting lab appeals to the viewer’s eye in a way that underscores the incredible work that went into the creation of the facility.

It was important for us to take photos that remain visually engaging while also serving the function of showcasing MCL’s top-notch construction abilities and attention to detail. The neutral background and pops of orange and blue also aid in capturing the viewer’s eye and drawing it toward the technical elements of the photo.

MCL Construction was sure to create spaces where students can relax and study without being surrounded by a formal environment, and it was essential that we captured those aspects of the building. The room below features calming colors, large windows that allow for gazing, and beautiful flooring that pulls the room together. The modernity of the space mixes with elegant lines to produce the perfect hangout spot for students who need a break from studying. The photo is shot from the doorway, allowing the viewer to feel as if they are truly in the building.

Aside from the spaces that students generally see when at Creighton University School of Dentistry, it is important that the inner workings of the building also be photographed with integrity. The functional parts of the building are as important as the ones for show.

The photograph below showcases the structurally sound and integral portions of the building. The unique angle and vivid lighting displays MCL’s trustworthy construction methods and demonstrates its concern for creating safe commercial spaces for its employees.

The photo below exhibits the importance of creating interesting industrial images that highlight the work of a construction company. The angle of the photo draws the viewer into the image, allowing for a comprehensive look at the machinery.

Photographing The Creighton School of Dentistry for MCL Construction was a pleasure. When shooting commercial properties with the purpose of showcasing a construction company’s craftsmanship, it is essential to capture the overall aesthetic features of the building while also highlighting the detailed elements of the space. Creighton School of Dentistry was the perfect project to shoot because it combines beauty, technology, comfort, and function to create a flawless and functional structure without sacrificing superb aesthetics.

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