COVID-19: An Environmental Wake-up Call

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The coronavirus crisis has been a difficult and uncertain time for people all across the world. To reduce transmission of the disease, we’ve all made the sacrifice of staying home rather than going out.

These changes in behavior have resulted in several unintended environmental benefits. We’ve seen a decrease in air pollution in much of the world as fewer and fewer people are driving their cars and moving about each day.

After learning about this good news for the environment, along with the recent passing of Earth Day, we’d like to highlight some of the natural beauty that we’ve photographed throughout the years. We hope that after the coronavirus is no longer a major issue, people continue their environmentally-friendly behaviors.

The world’s glaciers have been melting at an alarming rate for years. The stunning glaciers pictured above are in Alaska. By retaining some of our COVID-19 behaviors such as driving and flying less often, we can work together to save natural wonders like these.

The area above does not see much foot or vehicle traffic, a fact which allows it to stay naturally beautiful. Many areas throughout the world are beginning to look much cleaner as people isolate in their homes.

The Alaskan terrain above is an example of untouched, natural beauty. We hope that more of the earth may heal during this time of uncertainty.

This pristine beach in Cape Cod is a wonderful example of how earth’s offerings can look without litter or swarms of tourists. With our current decreasing levels of pollution, we hope that more and more beaches will begin to look like this one.

With fewer boats in our oceans, rivers, and lakes due to coronavirus restrictions, our waters are seeing less pollution. Marine life all over the planet are likely to reap the benefits of our self-isolation practices.

The earth is breathing easier while we all stay at home. Even our skies are better off during this time period. With far fewer planes flying domestically and internationally, the human race’s carbon footprint is plummeting.

Empty roads and highways are now commonplace occurrences while everyone remains in their homes. These roadways are a reminder that we can make the changes necessary to protect our environment, even after the coronavirus crisis fades.

With the environmental lessons we’ve learned thus far from COVID-19, humanity can make the necessary changes to heal our planet. The beautiful lake pictured above is an example of what many places on our planet can look like without litter and pollution.

Earth is our only home, and we must protect it. COVID-19, although a terrible hardship, can also serve as a wake-up call.

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