Dusk vs Day Shots: Dramatic Differences in Architectural Photography

When considering an architectural photography portfolio, most clients plan only for a daytime photo shoot, not considering any evening shots. However, many dusk shots can create a much more interesting range of images. I always take the time to experience a space throughout the day and evening to evaluate how the changing light and shadows will affect the shots.

I am constantly educating clients on the importance of timing when shooting interior photography. Virtually the same shot at different times of the day make a huge difference. This clearly illustrates what light does to the color, texture and drama of a space.

Day vs Dusk Architectural Photography

Especially in hotel photography, where photos need to create a particular mood, a dusk shot can be much more inviting, helping the viewer to imagine themselves relaxing in that room. Lighting is crucial here, creating two very different feelings.

Hotel Photography

Simple changes in lighting make big differences in exterior photography as well. Below, the palm trees in the background and the two spots in the foreground and along the brush line adjacent to the pool. Seemingly insignificant additions add life to otherwise dark areas of any dusk photo. Most photographers simply take day shots. The day shot here is nice, but the dusk shot tells a more compelling and dramatic story. The extra time spent here to get the right dusk image made all the difference in this shoot.Day vs Dusk Exterior Photography

The exterior of the Wynn Las Vegas is yet another great example. This one took a little more ingenuity and daring on my part. I had to “creatively” get myself on the upper patio of a resort across the street and remain there, unnoticed for the duration, to achieve these two shots. Well worth it.

Wynn Exterior DuskWynn Exterior Evening

To best showcase your property, you need an assortment of interesting images. The investment in both day and evening shots gives you the flexibility to convey a range of moods and uses in your marketing materials. If you are looking to create a distinctive portfolio for your hotel or other structure, please contact me at Architectural Photography, Inc at 888-788-5554. I am committed to creating artistic and impactful images that showcase your property in the best possible light.