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The Cromwell Las Vegas is The Strip’s first boutique hotel.   Originally the old Barbary Coast, architects Leo A. Daly have completely transformed it with a luxurious, intimate, Parisian-inspired atmosphere.  The hotel’s blend of modern and vintage design is another unique element and the restoration of many of the design features was a challenge and a highlight to feature in my hotel photography shots.

One of the greatest challenges shooting in a venue such as a casino, is to capture the essence of the design and decorating in such a normally dim space.



The grand chandeliers in the casino space are a source of pride for the owners.  They were painstakingly restored to their original grandeur.  Unfortunately, in the dim light of the space, their color and brilliance just don’t translate well.   All is lost when a photographer can’t capture what the hotel owners find important.  Here are two images.  The first is what most photographers would produce when shooting this space and the second is what I produce.


chandelier after

I spent many post-production hours working on very careful digital retouching of the chandeliers to be sure their colors were accurate.  The red on the light coverings and the brass were particularly challenging elements.  The after shot really highlights the vibrancy of the chandeliers, while still maintaining the rest of the casino colors and dim ambiance.   That image really pops in a way that is truer to the space.

The rooftop pool and bar area are completely unique and a pleasure to photograph.  No other hotel in town has anything like it.


I always enjoy photographing spaces like this rooftop pool deck. The bar spills out into the pool area.



Additionally, the nightclub has an after-hours club in the basement.  Amazingly cool, but very difficult to shoot in that light.  In fact, many photographers won’t shoot in those spaces, because they just can’t make it look good.   Here again, my love of lighting and use of careful post-production technique make this a great project for me.  Color correcting and retouching is very difficult, but in the end, the ambiance and vibe is what comes through.


This hotel is absolutely remarkable in its design and vibe.   It was a tremendous pleasure to shoot these images and highlight the hotel’s best features.   I’m finding more and more pleasure in shooting hotel, resort and commercial properties.  If you need help highlighting the best of your property, please give me a call at Architectural Photography and I will show you how we can make your project or property stand out too.

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