Industrial Photography: Turbine Tribute

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In a never ending age of economic growth, Industrial Photography can be one of the most interesting and diverse fields to be in. The greatest challenge when shooting industrial projects, can be finding the best way to highlight an otherwise mundane task or piece of equipment. We recently took on this task when shooting a Turbine Installation for Allied Power Group at the Portland General Electric Beaver Generating Plant.

It truly takes a skilled army to pull off this type of complex turbine installation. While it may seem a routine task to the average person, it’s my responsibility as an Industrial Photographer to showcase the unique and sometimes mesmerizing aspects of each portion of projects such as these.

The precision and attention to detail by each member of the installation team was truly impressive. Even the smallest mistake during install can jeopardize the entire project.

While some people may think there is no beauty in Industrial Photography, I would definitely have to disagree. Each step of the install process is like choreography. While each part may not be exciting on its own, the completed dance can be exhilarating.

The level of detail and precision taken during this Turbine installation was truly impressive, to say the least. It was a pleasure to work with Allied Power on this project and capture this impressive installation process. If you are considering photography for any Industrial or Commercial projects please contact us at Architectural Photography, Inc.: 888-788-5554 or visit

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