San Diego Landscape Photography – Embarcadero Waterfront Park

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It was a dream for San Diego and was officially opened in the spring…The Embarcadero Waterfront Park.  A 12-acre bayfront park, complete with interactive fountains, children’s playground, drought tolerant gardens and expansive open and green park spaces.  Landscape photography was my first passion, so, naturally, I took this challenge on as a personal one.

I shot these photos for Schmidt Design Group, Inc. , who have extensive experience with landscape architectural and planning design services throughout the Western United States.  This was a unique project with the combination of  buildings, fountains, expansive concrete areas, grassy lawns and even ocean views.  A great landscape architectural photography project.

I always enjoy finding a way to use the natural light playing with the electrical lights to create unique images.  At dusk, the effects of the light, the water, and the shadows are gorgeous.   The soft arch of the water spray balances the solidity of the concrete steps and skyscrapers bringing life to the images.


In the daylight, the effects are similarly gorgeous, yet more delightful with the addition of children playing in the water, as it should be.  As the natural light changed throughout the day, I enjoyed capturing those changes in the colors of the water and concrete steps as well.   The contrast is bright and clear in the middle of the day and warmer and more subtle as the sun begins to set.


Although it is a playground for kids, it was also a playground for me.  The architectural elements of the climbing structures allowed for interesting angles and shadows for me to capture.


I loved lining up the skyline behind this climbing structure, focusing on both the lines of the ropes and the lines of the buildings.

What a place to play with the tall ships in the distance and the sunset on the horizon.  A perfectly balanced shot.

Having the opportunity to shoot the Waterfront Park combined my experience in commercial architectural photography with landscape photography and my love of light and movement in photos.  I routinely work with architects, builders, designers, and building materials suppliers to showcase their work.  Call me at Architectural Photography at 888-788-5554 and I can help you create impactful images of your properties or projects.

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